Old News Column

Child rescued from surf at Moody Beach  April 02, 2009 Sharon Cummins
Decatur';s 1846 arrival April 02, 2009 Sharon Cummins
Old News: Marginal Way: an Ogunquit gift  March 26, 2009 Sharon Cummins

Old News: Lobster War at Cape Porpoise Portsmouth Herald News 3/19/2009 Sharon Cummins

Wells train wreck caused by bridge failure  - Portsmouth Herald News 3/12/2009 Sharon Cummins  

Old News Kennebunk boy prefered life away from home  - Portsmouth Herald News 3/5/2009 Sharon Cummins

Old News: George Williams and his Kennebunk River Shanty boat - York County Coast Star Kennebunk,ME,USA 2/26/2009 Sharon Cummins

Old News: Barnum's balloon in Wells - York County Coast Star Kennebunk,ME,USA 2/19/2009 Sharon Cummins

Old News: Henry Strater's gift to Ogunquit York County Coast Star - Kennebunk,ME,USA 2/12/2009 Sharon Cummins

Old News: Kennebunk Customs subject to partisan politics Portsmouth Herald News, NH 2/5/2009 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: Kennebunkport's Consul to Zanzibar Portsmouth Herald News, NH - Jan 29, 2009 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: Wells girl presented a moral dilemma Portsmouth Herald News, NH - Jan 22, 2009 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: A mariner's nightmare at Cape Neddick York County Coast Star, ME - Jan 15, 2009 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: Sea serpents sighted off the coast York County Coast Star - Jan 8 2009 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: Kennebunk's own 'Over-There' girl York County Coast Star - Jan 1 2009 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: More than $22000 missing from Wells treasury York County Coast Star - Dec 25 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: U-boat sinks schooner off Cape Porpoise Portsmouth Herald News - Dec 18 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: Proprietors of the Dan Sing Fan Portsmouth Herald News - Dec 11 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: Living landmarks of the York County coast York County Coast Star - Dec 5 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Old news: Shipyards in Kennebunk's lower village York County Coast Star - Nov 27, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: A monumental failure in Biddeford Pool Portsmouth Herald News - Nov 20 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: Terra not so firma in 1834 Portsmouth Herald News - Nov 13 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: Dangerous late August undertow Portsmouth Herald News - Nov 6, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

A Kennebunkport haunting Portsmouth Herald News -Oct 30, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Uncle Rufus Hatch was born in Wells Portsmouth Herald News, NH - Oct 23, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Merchant's tale: Cottages, Kennebunk and a gold mine Portsmouth Herald News, NH - Oct 16, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

First humans in York County long ago York County Coast Star, ME - Oct 9, 2008 Sharon Cummins

Mutiny and murder on Kennebunk vessel  York County Coast Star, ME - Sep 25, 2008 Sharon Cummins

Hartwig was the force behind 'Little Theatre' York County Coast Star, ME - Sep 18, 2008 Sharon Cummins

Cottagers claim Cape Arundel Portsmouth Herald News, NH - Sep 11, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

When Wells wanted nothing to do with Maine Portsmouth Herald News 9/4/2008 By Sharon Cummins

The president comes to town Portsmouth Herald News 8/28/2008 By Sharon Cummins

Perkins Cove: Result of patience and persistence Portsmouth Herald News, NH Aug 21, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Old News: Rich shipyard history Portsmouth Herald News, NH - Aug 14, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

Ancillary trades relied on the shipping industry - York County Coast Star 8/7/2008 By Sharon Cummins

Prohibition battles rattled York County York County Coast Star - July 31, 2008  By Sharon Cummins

When fires ravaged southern Maine Portsmouth Herald News, NH   7/24/2008 By Sharon Cummins

Cuban bombs tested at Wells Beach  Portsmouth Herald News, NH Jul 17, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

The Governor Robie. Portsmouth Herald News, NH - Jul 10, 2008 By Sharon Cummins

What a story the The Billows can tell By Sharon Cummins Portsmouth Herald News, NH - Jul 3, 2008

Kenneth Roberts was audacious but authentic  By Sharon Cummins Jun 26, 2008

Environmental protection an old concept  By Sharon Cummins. June 19, 2008

Wilderness life wasn't for Wheelwright By Sharon Cummins  Jun 5, 2008

Winter Harbor settled before Plymouth By Sharon Cummins  May 29, 2008

Kennebunkport veterans honored   Sharon Cummins  May 22, 2008-

Kennebunkers in Gold Rush By Sharon Cummins  May 15, 2008
Farrington McIntire Portsmouth Herald News, NH -

Kennebunkers in Gold Rush By Sharon Cummins May 8, 2008
Robert W Lord Portsmouth Herald News, NH -

Harry Atwood's May Day flight over Maine  By Sharon Cummins- May 1, 2008
Captain, baseball star called Maxwell House their home   By Sharon Cummins. April 24, 2008
The adventures of Capt. Gould  By Sharon Cummins. April 17, 2008
Parsons Beach battle  By Sharon Cummins. April 10, 2008
Scattered pearls of political and social wisdom  By Sharon Cummins. April 03, 2008
Buying votes in Wells  By Sharon Cummins. March 27, 2008
Kennebunkport's Freedom Farm  By Sharon Cummins. March 20, 2008
A refuge for Mitchells and monks in Kennebunk  By Sharon Cummins. March 13, 2008
Wells Depot minister acquitted for murder By Sharon Cummins. March 06, 2008
Conarroe family to thank for landmarks  Sharon Cummins Feb 28, 2008
York County's Bunker Hill scapegoat  By Sharon Cummins Feb 14, 2008
Capt. Sylvester Brown's generous spirit  Sharon Cummins Feb 7, 2008
Dock Square altered by 1877 fire  Sharon Cummins  Jan 31, 2008
Captain James Winn and his brig Altavella By Sharon Cummins - Jan 10, 2008
Wavy Gravy beat Ben & Jerry's to Kennebunkport  By Sharon Cummins - Jan 3, 2008

Christmas was not publicly celebrated in Kennebunk until 1854.  By Sharon Cummins Dec 27, 2007  

A desperate letter from Wells  Sharon Cummins   Dec 20, 2007  

The restless Ogunquit River   Sharon Cummins Dec 13, 2007

Maine towns opposed Indian Removal Act Sharon Cummins  Nov 29, 2007

Watering in Wells Sharon Cummins Nov 15, 2007

Dada Baroness exposed at Perkins Cove Sharon Cummins  Nov 8, 2007

Captain Maling conjures the dead By Sharon Cummins Oct 25, 2007

Wells sanitarium was the Pitts By Sharon Cummins. October 18, 2007

Bangsian fantasies in Ogunquit By Sharon Cummins. October 11, 2007

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